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Center for the development of children and adolescents
Encourage the deployment of personal skills and abilities
Improve the quality of life of the Cusco population
Strengthen the local family economy of the Cusco population
Contribute to the strengthening of Human Development

Population with whom we work

They are people of low economic resources with high social and economic vulnerability, highlighting girls and boys, in an age range of 4 months to 6 years, adolescents and young people from 16 to 30 years of age.

Our results of 19 years of work

than 13,500 beneficiaries trained
than 4,000 children improved their health
than 3,500 inserted in the labor market
than 4,000 improving their income
than 1,000 started or improved their business
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Training for entrepreneurship and employability

Improve the income levels of young men and women with limited economic resources.

Technical training for sustainability of enterprises

Get the target group to formalize their enterprise with credit for the sustainability.

Technical training for entrepreneurship and employability during pandemic

Improve the income levels of young men and women with limited economic resources.

Support with food and training during pandemic

Support with rations for food preparation and train in cooking during-pandemic.

Technical training for job placement and entrepreneurship

Improving income of young people and mothers with limited economic resources.

Malnutrition and anemia in peri-urban communities

Improve health and nutrition of boys and girls under 5 years of age.

Strengthening productive businesses

Improve the income levels of small producers with limited economic resources.

Entrepreneurship and employability post-pandemic

Contribute to the development of young entrepreneurs and employment.
Courses and workshops

Assistant cook

Discover the art of gastronomy that allows you to know, prepare, create and enjoy culinary and cultural traditions.


Master the secrets of confectionery, from the classic to the contemporary with your own hands, turning ingredients into pieces of art.


It develops basic techniques applied to the efficient service of the rooms and public areas, within the quality standards of the establishments.

Bar and Dining

Learn about the most popular alcoholic beverages, their preparation methods and their properties.

Business network management

You will learn to use all the tools of social networks to be able to get the most out of your business through the promotion of your products through social networks.

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Distrito de Santiago Cusco - Perú